Washington Headquarters Services

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The Washington Headquarters Services in Arlington, Virginia is an important organization which renders administrative guidance for numerous Department of Defense elements, along with numerous external organizations away from the Department of Defense domain. In addition, Washington Headquarters Services renders combined administrative and functional guidance to numerous organizations, Department of Defense Field Activities, the main headquarters, and numerous military organizations, the White House, and, in restricted amounts, the Congress. Washington Headquarters Services conform to the goals, mission, visions and values that delineate great performance collaboration, constant development and sustainability. The em-ployees within the…show more content…
In addition, WHS on a daily basis focuses on unceasing unifica-tion into structure, construction and Operation and Maintenance procedures. Lastly, WHS estab-lishes guidelines to improve daily operation and make sure WHS personnel comply with inferen-tial guidelines, laws, and Executive Orders.…show more content…
Furthermore, WHS is also responsible for execution of Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudications Facilities (DoD CAF), focusing on Government employees security clearance eligibilities, manufacturing employees, as well as law making personnel. Vision The important vision of Washington Headquarters Service is to prevail as innovational, seek to be an outcome-compelled perform provider, and to be honored for the greatness of work that is done on a daily basis. Values To clarify, Washington Headquarters Services have six important values: Customer At-tention, change, honesty, teamwork, worker attention, and most importantly results. First of all, Washington Headquarters Services is definitely devoted to the people it assists. Furthermore, WHS employees are ingenious and quick to react whenever there are issues. In addition, WHS personnel in their work impose respect, dignity, and individuality. Also, WHS has a great internal relationship in an effort to gain common aspirations. Lastly, WHS is known to get the job done in a timely
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