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In this article on the Washington post website the writer talks about how the shooting at sandy hook elementary school increased the need for mental health needs. She presents the facts about states that cut funding for mental health in 2015. She says “only 23 states increased mental health spending in 2015, compared to 36 states in 2013 and 29 in 2014”. The article brings disturbing facts and questions to life on why we cut funding if there is people needing the help of professionals especially after a national tragedy. Lena H. Sun a reporter for the post is the one who wrote the article. Lena is an undergraduate from cornel collage and focuses her time on writing about public health. She’s not the most credible author for this but her research is put together well in the article. This is more of an informative form of writing giving facts and statistics thou out the article. I believe her audience was for anyone wanting to read it or for people that where curious on where the united states stood on mental health. This is a good sourse to use because it has so many facts that can allow you to harden your research or argument.
This was a helpful article to me because it gave me a look on how much each state spends on mental health. The way this fits in my research paper is that I now have the states that have lowered there budget
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One thing I can do Is make the argument that the way mental health is now some people can barely afford it putting in the idea that there’s a problem right now saying the funding is too low. Another way I can used this information is mixing it with some other statistics I got from other listed souses. One souses said that there is not enough people to help. Well if you factor in getting a doctor or a therapist of the same race to increase your help but matching the same ethnicity doctor with like patients can really take away from the little amount of therapist that we already
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