Washington State Institute Public Policy Evaluation

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Question #5 Washington State Institute Public Policy Evaluation
Program: Going Home – Washington State Reentry Project
18-Month Recidivism Rates for Participants

Authorship – none listed (contact person Elizabeth Drake)
Time Period: 2007 to 2008* The focus of this paper was to evaluate a reentry program in the state of Washington. For the purpose of this evaluation, the author(s) evaluated reentry efforts and measured recidivism rates for participants in Washington State Department of Corrections Going Home project. Targeted audiences for this assessment were the general public, policy makers, program implementers, evaluators, academics, and the state government. In order to evaluate the program, a quasi experiment was conducted which comprised of a treatment group, individuals participating in the Going Home project, and a control group, individuals who did not participate in the program. The assumptions were that lower recidivism rates would be observed among individuals who participated in the program. This assumption was based on the program’s objectives in assisting the offender and community with reintegration efforts. Together, the offender and community were given resources that assisted in alleviating transitional issues experienced by offenders. The goal of the project was to refer offenders to resources as they transition into the community; prepare communities for an offender’s return; and increase Department of Corrections staff communication to prepare
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