Washington State Symbols

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The United States Congress consists of two chambers; the Senate and the House of Representatives (O’Connor, Sabato, &Yanus, 2015). Congress is the legislative branch of government with a primary goal of creating the laws as well as to represent the people’s interest in national politics (O’Connor et al., 2015). Each of the 50 states gets its share of 435 representatives based upon its population in which a constitutionally delegated process also known as apportionment adjusts the number of seats allotted to each state accordingly following a U.S. Census decennial (O’Connor et al., 2015).
The State of Washington officially became the 42nd state to be part of the Union in 1889 and the only state in the United States named after one of the nation’s president (Wash. Rev. Code § 1.20.080 (1967)). Washington State’s richly green landscapes is the result of its vast amount of rainfall annually (“Why is Washington,” 2016). The state’s unofficial nickname “The Evergreen State” comes from much of its terrain being of abundant evergreen forests of pine and fir trees (“State Symbols,” 2016). There are nine major cities
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Maria Cantwell, junior senator, has been a senator since 2001 and her next election is in 2018 (“Washington Senators,” 2016). Senator Cantwell was previously Washington State’s first congressional district representative from 1993-1994 (“Washington Senators,” 2016). Some of the bills Senator Cantwell sponsors are in the issue areas of Taxation, Energy, Commerce, Foreign Trade and International Finance, and Transportation and Public Works (“Washington Senators,” 2016). Senators Murray and Cantwell are alike in following the delegate concept by putting the needs and wants of their constituents before their conscience and personal policy preference (O’Connor et al., 2015). In other words, these representatives are true delegates who “vote the way their constituents would want them to regardless of their own opinions” (O’Connor et al., 2015, p.
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