Washington Vs. Roman Empire

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Throughout history civilizations have developed and advanced through the exchange of knowledge, as well as numerous other aspects. Even in contemporary day America, a myriad of aspects of the Roman Empire are reflected within Washington, which initially enabled the Roman Empire to be quite prosperous. The Roman Empire’s developments influenced Washington politically, as they impacted the perspectives of many political leaders and it allowed them to expand their power of the presidency to diverse branches of government, leading to numerous advancements in laws. Economically, Washington was concerned about tax revenues as well as establishing financial institutions, likewise to Rome. Culturally, Washington emulated the Roman Empires form of…show more content…
For example, “We still use its alphabet, exploit its literary genres, inhabit its cities, preserve its architectural styles, and follow its schedule of holidays.” (Murphy 2). Here, one is able to identify that contemporary day America still possesses and develops upon a myriad of features of the Roman Empire. The educated elite within Rome impacted the perspectives and virtues of Americas Founding Fathers, as their values enabled them to fulfill their task. As seen here, “The educated elite of the thirteen-colonies were steeped in the Roman code of virtus…they held fast to their rustic virtues: sanctity of family, sobriety of conduct and demeanor, a stern sense of discipline… Romans achieved their mission, divinely inspired, to rule the world…they were the values the Founding Fathers.” (6). Here, one is demonstrated that the perspectives of the Rome significantly influenced the outlook of Americas Founding Fathers, which allowed them to accomplish their tasks. Additionally, the advancements of the Roman Empire influenced America’s political leaders as well. For instance, “By the time Eisenhower reached San Francisco, sixty-two days later, he understood that America needed what Rome had possessed, a network of good public roads. When he became president, he created the interstate highway system.” (13). Therefore, Rome’s advancements during the
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