Waste Management Business Plan in Nigeria

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WAES Inc Corporate Office
WAES Inc. Business Plan

Table of Contents 1. The Company 2.1 Executive Summary 2.2 Business Foundations 2.3 Company Philosophy 2.4 Company Values 2.5 Mission 2.6 Objectives 2.7 Company Summary 2.8 Ownership 2. Management 3.9 Organizational Structure 3.10 Management Team 3.11 Management Summary 3. Business 4.12 Start Up Summary 4.13 Products and Services 4.14 Products and Services Description 4.15 Service Business Analysis 4.16 Service Distribution 4.17 Future Products and Services 4. Technology 5.18 Sourcing 5.19 Technology 5.20 Manufacturing and Operations 5.21 Economic
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The concept has been tested on a small scale and the results, upon analysis, were found to be high quality compost. Research and enhancing the quality of our management and operations will be an on going process for the company.
Our company is partnering with the worlds leading original equipment manufactures and a top notch research institute in order to adopt the best technologies and techniques to effectively convert organic waste materials into high grade fertilizers. Our company will also strive to bring agro- product processing industries and local farmers under one umbrella in order to boost agricultural productivity and ensure food security.
West Africa Environmental Solutions expects high orders for high-grade organic bio fertilizers & compost, and expects various cities and towns to express keen interest in adopting our waste management solutions.
Business Foundations
The idea of WAES was born out of Al Amin Dabo, Nasir M Yakubu and Adamu Abdullah’s passion for designing and creating environmentally sustainable projects that fully incorporates the community in its operational processes in order to generate wealth for self-reliance to many individuals and businesses. Through detailed studies, it became conspicuous to us that, improper disposal of sewage and waste is a fundamental problem in most Nigerian communities leading to outbreak of microbial diseases such as cholera and malaria. And farming
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