Waste Management Practices in Correlation with Environmental Issues of Aljhun's Tinsmith

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I.INTRODUCTION RATIONALE Metal industry is one of the most rapid growing fields in the market today. Working in the metal industry has a great impact in one’s health and safety. One type of job in this field is welding. It is process that joins metal parts. Welding processes require heat and sometimes other substances to produce the product. Byproduct resulting from the welding process includes fumes, gases and other harmful substances which can be serious health hazards to employees. Moreover, safety hazards can exist such as the potential for fire or explosion and injuries, electrical shock, or materials handling. That is why having a written agreement and proper briefing/ training about the nature of the job is a must before starting…show more content…
As an individual output, the researcher was tasked to study about the rules and regulations for safety in the company. To assess the study further, the researcher had formulated two options. First, if the company already has a written and signed policy then the researcher is going to study it to look for possible effective revisions. Second, if the company doesn’t have these documents then the researcher is going to conduct a one-on-one interview with the company manager/owner and the employees and present another set of questionnaire. II. PRESENTATION OF DATA, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA PRESENTATION OF DATA SAFETY POLICIES AND COMPANY RULES AND REGULATIONS | YES | NO | OTHERS | 1 .Does the company has and keeps up to date safe works policies, instructions and procedures? | | | | 2. Are the workers/employees properly oriented in the safest way to perform their job(s)? | | | | 3. Does the company provide signage/posters of Do’s and Don’ts in the production area? | | | | 4. Does the company provide instruction in the proper use of personal protective equipment provided? | | | | 5. Are the proper personal protective equipment provided and worn, when needed by the worker | | | | TABLE 1.1 sample checklist and summary of answers. Interview Result and Analysis * Aljhune Tinsmith has no written safety policy but practices

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