Waste Management : Research Action Plan

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Waste Management – Research Action Plan Focus Question To what extent do our attitudes towards waste impact upon our internal sustainability here at GHS Methodology In my study I will need to access various sources of information regarding waste management in GHS. Firstly, I will need to collect demographic and opinion data on the issue at hand through surveying a sample of the local population, then later complementing it with first-hand records of campus policy and plans. Data & Analysis Through the surveying of the local population, we were able to determine our preconceived notions of waste management and general attitudes to it in general. Through this data, we can identify key policy ideas and the attitudes toward them. Waste management is an inherently important part of our school system and thus, various attempts at curbing waste generation and encouraging recycling have played a key role in school policy over previous years. As an institution servicing over 1200 people, Gosford High generates a large amount of waste daily, as per shown on this chart. As you can see over half of our daily generated waste can either be recycled (paper and containers) or composted (organic waste), therefore is both ethically and economically important that we take steps to recycle our waste rather than merely dispose them in landfills. The organic waste generated daily can be composted in a future composting program in order to produce nutrient-rich compost which can be used in our
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