Waste Management Research Paper

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• Depth of contaminants may limit some types of application processes. • The material used to stabilize contaminants may get eroded due to environmental conditions. • Solidified material may also restrict future use of the site. • There is scanty data to support the durability of stabilized products over their indefinite disposal life. To ensure that contaminants have not been re-mobilized, long term monitoring is crucial. • For long-term compatibility, each application must be carefully tested as certain waste streams are incompatible with variation of this process. • Organic wastes are generally not immobilized and will migrate, unless very high temperatures are used to destroy them. However, there is a chance of incomplete combustion…show more content…
• Before implementation of S/S process, removal of debris and any underground obstruction is a must. • In-situ mixing of binder and waste can result in uneven performance due to heterogeneous distribution of contaminants. • S/S of sensitive areas may inhibit more comprehensive restoration in future. • Assessment is need for any potential changes that occur in physical setting. • There are no studies to support for long term behavior of solidified material. • Additional testing and design is required to ensure S/S effectiveness for certain contaminants. • Cementitious processes are not effective in treating VOCs or some metals (e.g., chromium (VI)) • Time limitation is an issue for treatment and posttreatment modification options in field performance testing and changed properties of treated material. • Dewatering is required for processing of contaminations below water table. • Reagent delivery is difficult than for ex situ applications • Large concentrations of oil and grease may prevent S/S process (cement hydration) • Air collection and treatment devices are necessary to avoid transfer of VOCs from waste to atmosphere. • S/S process involving verifications, ISV, may allow subsurface migration of contaminants into clean areas. • ISV is only effective for near-surface contamination. • Glass forms are stable for longer time periods, however de-vitrification of glass can occur over time. • In sorption technique, equipment requirement is as per job
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