Waste Management : The Problem With Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear waste The problem with nuclear waste is getting worse everyday while we try and find a solution to dispose of the waste properly, however there are some people who think that the nuclear waste project for waste disposal is not that serious and it does not have an affect on the environment, but they are wrong because our lack of care for proper disposal of nuclear waste is having a tole on the environment where the waste is buried and the life forms around these waste sites. Nuclear waste needs a proper and safe place to be put in, because if you don't, you could put others lives in danger and contaminate certain things, such as the water supplies or the plants that the wildlife would have to eat for example, storing nuclear waste in the Yucca Mountain would be a bad idea because the containers that they store nuclear waste in are known for corroding and leaking and eventually getting into the water supply in the ground. The Yucca Mountain would not be a safe place to store high level nuclear waste because the Yucca Mountain is an active volcano right now and if an earthquake should happen, the toxins from the nuclear waste would contaminate the water line in the ground. Nuclear waste is also bad because of the cost to keep it in safe and contained areas. The nuclear business let's waste cool for a considerable length of time before blending it with glass and putting away it in enormous cooled, solid structures. This waste must be kept up, observed and
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