Waste Of Food Waste

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Envision the intriguing aromas and aspects of all the delectable, appetizing, and savory foods the world has to offer. Now imagine those foods being taken, scarcely eaten, and then banished to a life in the trash thereafter, where they cannot be consumed anymore. Now proceed to think about all of the resources, time, effort, and money that goes into producing food, it all would have been for nothing. Discarding edible food leads to billions of dollars of food lost, along with creating additional trash. Consumers can do simple things to create less food waste. The United States alone wastes enormous amounts of food. According to Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data (ReFED), a “nonprofit think tank,” for the amount of food in the United States that is wasted or lost, the “total economic value” is “estimated at $218 billion” (“Food Waste”). Not just thousands, but billions of dollars worth of food wasted. Along with this, ReFED says “retailers, manufacturers, and government food agencies can save 400,000 tons of food and $1.8 billion annually by standardizing date labels on food products” (“Food Waste”). This shows how doing something as simple as changing food labels can save tons of food.
Most food is wasted in homes because of various reasons like for example, “improper storage, mistaken or unnecessarily strict interpretation of expiration dates, and poor meal planning, purchasing, or cooking practices” (“Food Waste”). Not only does food waste money on an economic

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