Waste Reduction, Or Waste Prevention

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Kyle Yue
Engineering 1 T.4, P.3/4
29 April 2015
Technology Sector Report
Waste reduction, or waste prevention, is critical in today’s growing world population. In a society with so many people, and an ever-growing population, resources need to be saved and used sparingly. Waste reduction is a method of managing the waste created and how it is disposed of. Waste reduction means that less waste is produced, which equals less waste removal costs, and helps keep the environment clean. Waste reduction can be achieved through the using of less plastic and other similar materials that get thrown into landfills, and by using every-day, reusable objects, such as water bottles and silverware, instead of plastic bottles and plastic utensils.
A specific branch of waste reduction is recycling, or the making of an already-used product into a new, beneficial product. Recycling saves from having to use more and new materials, when already-used objects can be used for new products. Materials such as paper, glass, plastics, metals and compostables are commonly recycled today. One way to recycle is to use waste reduction machines. Shredders, grinders, and granulators are different types of waste reduction machines. Shredders take a product, and by using “low speed and high torque,” shred it into smaller chunks and pieces (Shredding and Grinding Resources). Grinders “chip” and “shave” pieces of the material into smaller pieces, similar to the bark and wood chips used in playgrounds and…
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