Waste Treatment System in Batam Municipality Indonesia Essay

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Waste Treatment System In Batam Municipality Indonesia T1273021 - Irwan Saputra Waste treatment system reported in this paper is in Batam Municipality. It is an island city in Riau Island Province of Indonesia, which is located east of Sumatera Island and near Singapore. It has a territorial area of 108,265 (ha). During the period from 2000 through 2010, the population increased at an annual average of 7.57%. Currently, 1,168,741 citizens live in Batam Municipality. Population density has increased from 600 people/km2 in 2009 to 641 people/km2 in 2010. Waste collecting system is done by three ways. Firstly waste is immediately brought by each resident to temporary dumping site. Secondly the waste is brought to temporary dumping site under…show more content…
each seven days. Various attempts were also made to leachate produced using leachate management system with a touch of technology Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor (FBBR). We can find other activities in Telaga Punggur FDS included waste reducing by attendance around 300 waste pickers and composting activities which is run by Telaga Punggur FDS authority. However several problems cannot be avoid such as fire accident on the landfill site because of excess production of methane gas which has not been collected technologically or leachete which not treated properly contaminated the river and the sea. 2. The Needs on The Existing Waste Treatment System in Batam Municipality Waste generation in Batam Municipality has been increasing gradually by the increased population. Table 1 shows waste generation in Batam municipality for the last seven years.3) Unfortunately the capacity to transfer the waste to FDS is less than 100%. In 2012 until the month of October there was 127,763 ton of unable transported waste. It means during 2012 there was dumped waste in the city at average 420.27 ton/day. Hereinafter there will be more complaint from residents to authority until they will dispose their garbage to road side, river, and the sea or they just left behind in the surrounding neighborhood. The environment will be more polluted and contaminated as well as
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