Waste Water Management

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Water Quality; Wastewater Management Water Treatment Charles E. Best, Jr TUI University BHE 314 / Module 3 Case December 22, 2010 Professor Dr. Nathaniel Ofoe With the United States growing and cities becoming larger and larger day by day, communities have been battling water shortages all throughout the country. For the past fifty or so years reclaimed water has been used all over the world. Within the course of this case paper I will attempt to compare and contrast the secondary water treatment methods to that of the tertiary water treatment methods. Wastewater treatment is classified as primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment; this is the process of how wastewater actually becomes recycled water. The…show more content…
Here’s a little history behind reclaimed water. This is not something new this has been around for almost 100 years, for instance in 1912 the first use of reclaimed water began with the irrigation of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. In 1966 Florida established the Tallahassee Reclaimed Water Farm, and because of that Florida now has 440 systems that reclaim 659 million gallons of water per day this is more than any other state. However the question still remains is reclaim water safe? According to the Water Reuse Foundation (2009), major studies have proven that reclaimed water is infact safe for landscape irrigation and other purposes. Also, reclaimed water through the process that it goes through is essentially pathogen-free, sparkling clear and can safely be used by residents for irrigation and by businesses for irrigation, cooling and other industrial purposes. It also goes on to say that Florida leads in safety and that there has been no water related illnesses in over 40 years. Is reclaimed water safe to drink? With populations growing and water becoming a necessity in most areas of the world research is in effect. However we tend to cringe on the fact of actually drinking reclaimed water because we have that preconception of reclaimed water in a toilet and then the thought of drinking the same water. Reclaimed water is highly

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