Watching An Excessive Amount Of Television

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In recent discussions of watching an excessive amount of television, a controversial issue has been whether it is good or bad. On the one hand, some argue that it affects our mental and physical health. From this perspective, it is clear that heavy TV watching is not beneficial. On the other hand, however, others argue that a TV exposes you to important news and different cultures. In the words of Caron Andre, one of this views main proponents; “news, current events and historical programming can help make young people more aware of other cultures and people.” According to this view, Andre believes that TV can be beneficial to the watchers. In sum, then, the issue is whether TV has positive or negative effects on the viewers. My own view is that TV has many risk factors that are faulty in our society. Though I concede that some shows are valuable, I still maintain that excessive TV watching is detrimental. For example, it causes people to lose self-control and is a bad comparison to real life. Although some might object that observation, I would reply that there is a significant connection. The issue is important because it is found in all of America. On the subject of heavy TV watching, it has the ability to lead to various problems. For example, In the Nation Of Vidiots, by Jeffrey Sachs’ he explains why TV is unhealthy by saying, “Certainly, heavy TV viewing is bad for one’s physical and mental health.” (442) The viewers not only waste their valuable time, but it can
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