Watching Kung Fu Panda Three Times

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“MOM! It’s not fair!” My youngest child yelled again. Alex continued with his exasperated three-year-old logic, “AJ got to watch Kung Fu Panda three times, and I only got to see it twice last night!” (A. G. Neff, personal communication, October 4, 2012). The consternation arose from my insistence that a different movie should be viewed other than the same one that had been continually playing on the television set for the previous three days. My children always love repeat performances, and ever since I had pulled the DVD out of the moving boxes and told them I needed to watch it as part of my own homework, it was as if no other film would satisfy (Cobb, Stevenson & Osborne, 2008). My five-year-old recognized that I would not allow another viewing without a change in tactics. “But Mom, if you don’t watch it again you won’t be able to do your homework. You won’t know that Po’s Dad [Note: according to the movie transcript “Po’s Dad” is the character’s actual name] isn’t even a panda!” (Aibel & Berger, 2008, p. 3). Without explaining that I had already familiar with the situation because I had seen the movie no less than three times in the previous 72 hours, I replied, “Is that really important?” “YES!” They both yelled back. AJ unwittingly enlightened me, “All the animals are different, but they’re ALL important! They all have to do different stuff to help Po be[come] the Dragon Warrior!” (A. J. Neff, personal communication, October 4, 2012). It took a first grader

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