Watching Tv Is Not So Bad

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Do you enjoy spending your nights off work laying on the couch binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix? I know I do. Things such as “binge-watching” and “marathoning” TV series is becoming more and more socially acceptable in our day and age but there are still many people who hold the beliefs that watching TV makes you dumb, and who say things like “you should find something useful to do with your time.” Because to them, watching TV has no benefits to it at all. But what if there were actually ways to prove to those people that our binge-watching habits can actually make us smarter? As a person who loves her TV marathons, I was quite interested in this topic when it got brought up. I was pretty pleased when I learned that watching TV really is not so bad. Here are some ways how: the first is that watching TV can relieve stress. A study done by the university of Rochester found that watching TV contributes to lower blood pressure and stress relief. TV is a way to distract ourselves for a little while from the daily stresses and worries in our lives. Another way that watching TV benefits us is that watching TV can actually boost your creativity. Have you ever found it useful to have the TV on in the background while you are getting some work done? According to a study published in “The Journal of Consumer Research” the sounds of TV can boost creativity even if you are not fully engaged in watching. TV also is not all bad for young teenagers to be watching either. Most
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