Watching Tv Makes You Smart Essay

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In the article Watching TV Makes You Smarter by Steven Johnson, the author argues that by watching television shows various television shows, people actually become smarter and how it has a big impact in our lives. He feels that watching TV makes us smarter because why we view things we might have never heard of before. He also uses dialogs to explain for example he used dialogs from the show ER to break down what’s happening between the characters, what words and sentences there using. On response on Dana Stevens article she’s disagrees with Steven Johnson’s article about how TV makes you smarter. she says that not in all cases TV those not make you smart she describes your force to watch TV because its so addictive with the shows…show more content…
As for Dana Stevens I think is just an opinion on her behave she feels that some stuff that they play on TV is bad for us but there were some stuff that she did agreed on with Steven Johnson On how in the past two decades the views on TV grew rapidly. But as reading both articles I like the way how both Arthurs broke down the benefits and non benefits of watching TV. I actually would recommend more people to watch more TV because they get a sense on what’s happing and give our brains a little more boost about human knowledge also. In TV they give channels like the history channel and the Discover channel those are channels that could even more help us learn about nature. Does watching television makes you smarter? What makes good television? What is it about good television that can make you smarter? These are all questions I asked myself before reading the story, “Watching TV Makes You Smarter,” by Steven Johnson. He promotes that although watching mindless television is not going to be good for you, there is television that will make your mind think and force it to follow events throughout the show. I agree with Johnson in a sense that the “right” television will increase brain activity and make people think while they are watching TV. Children and adolescents need to be exposed to “good” TV, because it will help them learn about social issues as they go through life. Good TV, according to Johnson, can be

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