Watching Tv Makes You Smarter, By Steven Johnson

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Television is a great source of knowledge and it interests many people. Some people have the same belief while others do not for many different reasons. In the first article “Watching TV Makes You Smarter," Steven Johnson argues why and how television can make you smarter. In another article, “Thinking Outside the Idiot Box," Dana Stevens contradicts everything Steven Johnson said in his article about television making people more intelligent. Steven Johnson 's argument is that television can actually make you smarter because when you watch a show, you are trying to understand everything that is happening. Today’s shows have a lot of action and scenes trying to keep people’s attention. Therefore, people carefully tune in to television shows trying to understand everything that goes on during the show. Johnson said, “You have to pay attention, make inferences, and track shifting social relationships.” For instance, depending on how the characters interact with one another, changes happen as the plot of the story continues on. An example of this is if a character happens to disagree with another character and an enemy of both characters comes into the mix, and those two characters join forces to defeat their enemy. The spontaneous changes like this constantly change the storyline to make it more interesting for the viewer. Johnson mentions the “Sleeper Curve” and how it is considered to “enhance our cognitive faculties, not dumbing them down." The author displayed several
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