Watching a Loved One Slip Away from Alzheimer's Disease

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When I was a child I watched as my grandfather passed away after battling with Alzheimer's disease for more than fifteen years. During the time he was alive and I would visit him, I never understood why he was always in bed, and whenever I went to go see him he never remembered who I was. But after he died my mother attempted to explain to me that he was suffering from Alzheimer's. The purpose of my paper is to gain a clearer comprehension of this horrible, debilitating disease that took my grandfather and countless other Americans away from their families. Alzheimer's, the word strikes fear in some and an off-handed glance in others. The fact still remains that Alzheimer’s is an extremely shattering disease that removes the mind fraction by fraction over a period of time, this could even take decades. It begins as small memory lapses, slowly progressing to memory breaches but then progressively eroding your life to the point where around-the-clock care is the only option. With severe Alzheimer's, as we almost hear daily that patients have wandered off and gotten lost. In my own life, my grandfather was not even able to recognize his family members. Alzheimer's was a little known disease before 1960, but today it threatens to completely derail the health system in the United States. What is Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer's disease is considered one of the many forms of age-related dementia. Previously the neurological community frequently referred to

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