Watching the Solution to the Jewish Question from Afar

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If you lived in the time of the Holocaust and you were a non-Jewish person, would you want to take the chance of fighting back and having the consequences of your actions affect the lives of your family? Or would you just “go with the flow” and stand back as the Jewish people were punished? This is a question that people in this time had to ask themselves. Some decided to take the chance and fight back, but many did not. Most people, who had families to think about, chose to stand back from what was happening. Honestly, the non-Jewish people who chose to stand back had every right to make this decision for themselves and their families.
Although the decision that was made by these people can be explained, some may not see it that way. Some may see it that the people who chose to stand back were simply being weak or that they were immoral. They could’ve fought back if they wanted to, but they chose otherwise. They chose what could be looked at as the, “easy way out”. Another side to this could be that not everyone had a family to think about, and those who did have a family could have acted in a way that didn’t get them involved. They should’ve thought that maybe if they spoke out then other people would be more willing to stand up for what was right. If the thought that one person can’t make a change crossed their mind then they should’ve tried to get more people together to fight back; they should’ve tried to take a stand. Even though this is all true, the non-Jewish people
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