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Water Aerobics Water aerobics has been a strong growing type of exercise for many age groups for years. Water aerobics is a combination of arm and leg movements done in water for beginners. This type of aerobic exercise is typically done for less than an hour. This includes the same type of program as land aerobics with warm up and cool down periods. Swimming exercise uses more of the overall muscle mass of the body than almost any other form of exercise. (Water aerobics, “What is water aerobics” section, para. 1) Doing water aerobics is good for the joints and helps create a wider range of motion in the joints during exercise. It also nearly eliminates injuries in the water because the body is so buoyant. Water aerobics also…show more content…
(Water aerobics, “Advantages” section, para. 1) The other benefit to water aerobics is increase in muscle tone and endurance. According to Water aerobics it is because water is denser than air. Water aerobics states that more muscle tone will be seen with water aerobics because you are working opposing muscle groups. In water the body is less affected by gravity and the joints can have a wider range of motion. This helps improve joint flexibility. Some classes offer toning and strengthening. (Water aerobics, “Advantages” section, para. 1) Water aerobic classes use different types of equipment to add to the resistance in the water. Aqua blocks are barbells used for resistance in the water. Flotation belts are used to keep your body in alignment when in deeper water they allow you to increase the range of motion. Gyrojoggers are another tool used in water aerobics. They are simple two foam circles that are worn on hands or feet. A variety of different exercises are used in these classes. (Water aerobics, “Equipment and gear” section, para. 2) Water aerobics focuses on the majority of muscle mass in the body. Most of the exercises in these classes are similar to land aerobics. They have leg lifts, knee lifts, walking, jogging. Often a beginner begins to become more comfortable with water aerobics because they will be able to increase the intensity of their workout. (Water aerobics, “Getting started in a
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