Water Aerobics for Older Adults

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Group Proposal (1) The Group and type: (i) Water Aerobics for Older Adults: Water aerobics is an ideal exercise for elderly adults having limited physical mobility or adults for whom the rigours of traditional cardiovascular exercise causes muscle and joint pain. These adults can safely rely on water aerobics for maintaining an active lifestyle and physical fitness regardless of their age. (ii) The need for water aerobics among older adults: (i) Even though some level of resistance is given while exercising in the water, muscle and joint injuries are prevented when in water, as the medium is able to support most of the person's weight thereby lowering impact. (ii) Older adults get quicker results, building muscle tone and strength in water compared to that of land due to resistance provided by water. (iii) Water aerobics enhances cardiovascular health as the heart beat rate is maintained at a lower count which is just needed at that age. (iv) Land based exercises expose elders to unnecessary heat as well as other complications which is absent in water aerobics. While doing water aerobics, they are able to remain in a cool and controlled environment particularly in an indoor pool. (Carebuzz, 2009) (iii) Recruitment method employed for water aerobics: This will be primarily done by our Pool Club i.e. 'WaterWorld' through advertisement communicating the need for older adults and the benefits in the form of building better muscle tone and improving overall health without
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