Water And Evaporation Rates

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Why does my drink disappear faster than normal when go to play and I leave it out in the heat from the sun for a long period of time ? This happens to my water and to my soda or whatever it just disappears into thin air just like a magic trick? This has been bouncing around in my head fand kind of bothering me for a while or a while so i was curious and I asked around and eventually found out that it is evaporation and that this is the cause of my drink running away. It is actually evaporation is taking the liquids up into the sky and creates moisture in the air and clouds. So then I thought like soda and other substances like sugar maybe could weigh it down the evaporation rate of the and evaporate slower than other things. This could also help with other places where water is scarce. To see how much water will be left to drink for this place or even if the water is polluted it could affect the evaporation rate. So this would be do all liquid solutions evaporate at the same rate of…show more content…
One of the reason that it could be evaporating at different rates is , this is kind of a guess is that the substance that could weigh more could be the cause of this cause. Another reason that it may be evaporating differently is like in soda’s or juice the company puts sugar to make it sweet this does not evaporate by itself but when it dissolves into the juice or substance it may weigh it down causing it to not evaporating at its normal rate. What if the carnation from the soda keeping the soda bubbly that it may have an effect of the rate at which the substances into thin air. In chemistry the boiling points or all of the substance are different
This could affect the point which the substance would get hot enough to evaporate into the air. These could all be very reasonable reasons that the liquid could be evaporating at different rates than natural
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