Water And Water Pollution

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~Introduction~ This lab will answer the question whether or not the water in the U-Creek is polluted using invertebrates as in indicator? Although there are many ways of measuring water quality, invertebrates are good indicators because the number of invertebrates indicates the ability to sustain life. Invertebrates will thrive in better quality water, whereas in poor quality water, invertebrates will not survive as well. Other indicators of water quality such as dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrogen and phosphorus. Dissolved oxygen is oxygen found in water. A high dissolved oxygen content is helpful for aquatic life. Also, pH and measure water quality, a pH of 6.5 and 8.5 is healthy. Nitrogen can measure water quality, more than 2.2 mg per liter is unhealthy. Phosphorus is necessary for life, however too much phosphorus is unhealthy. Bottom dwelling invertebrates are the “canaries” of rivers and lake when indicating pollution. When recovering invertebrates from bodies of water you can see traces of pollution. Invertebrates live for a long time so that means that the pollution can be traced over a long period of time. If the water were to be polluted than invertebrates that can tolerate said pollution, therefore there is pollution. Invertebrates are animals without backbones. There are many different kinds and the help with many things in ecosystems. They can be classified into different functional feeding groups based on what and how they eat. Energy flows from the sun through
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