Essay about Water Bottles

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Water bottles “Not only does bottled water lead to unbelievable pollution but plastic has chemicals in it!” Suzuki states. Have you ever bought a package of water at the grocery store and then went on, without thinking about where it came from? In fact spring water is found at hazardous dumping sites. Why buy bottled water when 25% of bottled water is actually tap water and that tap water is nowhere near free from clean.. Some chemicals you can find in water bottles are Biphenyl A. Reusing these bottles can be harmful as well. Each time you reuse them the chemicals spread more and more. Each time the chemicals spread through your body and into the fluids from the water. Many water bottles such as Sigg, Klean Kanteen and Gaiam prevent…show more content…
Polyethylene terephthalate which is the plastic on the outside of the bottle requires a lot of energy to be produced. Only a quarter of them are recycled. In the United States plastic used to create bottles use an estimated 15 barrels of oil annually. “Man is capable of reform once presented with the facts, and the fact is that bottling water and shipping it is a big waste of fuel, so stop already. The water that comes to your house through a pipe is good enough, and maybe better." —Garrison Keillor (2006) The cost of water bottles alone is very expensive. In grocery stores you can usually you can find a package of bottled water for about $12.00 in grocery stores. The average family spends about $15 a month on bottled water and $180 annually. In 2003 Canadians in total spent 7 billion dollars on water bottles when we could have been spending it on things like education. When we use reusable bottles we spend maybe 20.00 and can keep it and reuse it for some time but with bottled water its only one time because then they get germs, bacteria and possible diseases in them. In one year we will buy approximately 80 bottles each year. This means we could buy one reusable bottle for the price of one package of water and that reusable bottle could last for almost a year. The package lasts about a week or two. The treatment for bottled water sometimes is pretty disgusting. “In one case a brand of bottled water advertised as pure glacier water was
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