Water By Marq De Villiers

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How can we describe the world in which we live in today? On the one hand, we can look at it as a developed place where education, technology, and communication have evolved over time and people have more opportunities than they did before, but on the other hand we can look at it as a place where education, technology, and communication have been used in a negative way. How? The industrialized world in which we live in has taken great advantage of the technological advances and people’s well-reasoning and education in order to exploit the natural world. Scarce resources such as water and fish are good examples of how humans have been over exploiting the resources around us. Wendell Berry’s text Two Economies portrays how the industrial economy is destroying the world around us and how there are other two types of economies which should be seen as the way out from this disaster, which are better known as the Great Economy and the little economy. Additionally, this text can be related and applied to the writings entitled Water by Marq de Villiers and Salmon by Paul Greenberg, which portray how these two resources mentioned in the text titles, which represent basic human needs, are being over-exploited through the industrial economy depicted by Berry.
Two Economies exposes the idea of the industrial economy. This economy tends to destroy what it does not comprehend. Furthermore, another concept explained by Berry is the industrialized culture. This makes reference to a “modern
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