Water Desalinization In Africa

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Sub-Saharan countries received their independence at various times during the 20th century with approximately $1 trillion dollars being transferred in the form of aid to the African continent. The African content is huge, where its size is equivalent to combining China, Mexico, Western and Eastern Europe, United States, Japan and Iberia (refer to Exhibit 1). The aid that has been provided to the sub-Saharan nation has always seemed to be a band aid approach to helping Africans by giving them food, water, medicine along with other basic essentials needed to survive. Where if you look at the money that has been spent on those developed nations towards getting them to be self-sustaining, a trillion dollar in foreign aid to Africa seems to…show more content…
With billions of dollars a year in aid going towards helping many African countries getting the basic needs of food, water and medicine just to survive. We will recommend funneling billions of dollars of aid that get allocated to many African countries to be used for programs and infrastructure in one country Tanzania. With the goal of showing how with billions of dollars of aid being concentrated towards the following areas in one country will lead to the long term sustainability and growth. Our plan would call for the creation of water desalinization plant to help elevate concerns of future droughts, electricity powered by solar energy, piping to transport water for irrigation and better hygiene, releasing genetically engineered mosquitos to help eliminate life threatening disease like malaria. Plus, there will be numerous jobs created from the aid provided which will help spur economic growth which will also help in reducing poverty. Once, this blueprint has been validated, more countries would look to implement such an initiative in other sub-Saharan countries to eventually the entire continent. Where once and for all, there will be a sub-Saharan Africa that is growing, thriving and prosperous that will finally be
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