Water Efficiency : A Green Issue Analysis

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Water Efficiency: A Green Issue Analysis Of all of the natural resources that are available on the planet, water is the most important that is utilized by every living creature, plant, and organism. The presence of freshwater is critical to the existence of the human race and therefore should be treated as a top priority in the conserving of the natural resources. However, it seems that the majority of individuals are either unaware or not concerned about the possibility of the fresh water source running out due to pollution or overuse. Additionally, there are nations and underdeveloped regions that do not have access to enough freshwater to keep the entire population of the region healthy. Conservation of water within the regions that…show more content…
It is the intention of this paper to address the importance of water efficiency, the factors that hinder water efficiency, and the attempts to increase water efficiency in various regions of the world. Importance As previously discussed, the importance of water is significant to sustain not only the human race directly through consumption and usage of the natural resource, but also indirectly through the use of water by the food sources that provide for the continuation of the human race as well. Although most people do not think about the amount of water that is necessary in order to maintain the life of one individual outside of the amount that is consumed directly, the necessity should be made one of high priority. Mankind cannot survive without water and yet this does not seem to be regularly comprehended. However, water is a part of everything in one’s life that is needed to survive even if the impact of the resource is not noticeable or seen in the everyday use. An analysis of the consumption and waste of water should be conducted regularly and the results be shared with the general public in a platform that is readily available. It is necessary to evaluate the importance of water through the amount that is needed and the amount that is available in order to comprehend the extent of the damage that is being caused through the amount of water that is wasted. Water Available According to the Natural Resource Defense Council
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