Water Efficiency : A Green Issue Analysis

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Water Efficiency: A Green Issue Analysis
Of all of the natural resources that are available on the planet, water is the most important that is utilized by every living creature, plant, and organism. The presence of freshwater is critical to the existence of the human race and therefore should be treated as a top priority in the conserving of the natural resources. However, it seems that the majority of individuals are either unaware or not concerned about the possibility of the fresh water source running out due to pollution or overuse. Additionally, there are nations and underdeveloped regions that do not have access to enough freshwater to keep the entire population of the region healthy. Conservation of water within the regions that have plenty of water available is the only true way for the entire population to have access to enough of the natural resource that is so crucial to survival.
The conservation methods that have been in place are not equivalent to the amount of wasted water that has been increasing with the rise of the population. Perhaps this is due to the misinformation or misguidance of a generation that has been irresponsible with both conservation methods and the passing of the sense of urgency to the following generation. This could also be due to the rise in industry and the built environment that has increased the amount of runoff pollution into the freshwater systems. Fortunately there are continued attempts in both the business sectors, the…
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