Water Fluoridation Must Stop Essay

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Fluoride compounds have been added to water supplies since as early as the 1950s because claims were made to support fluoride's use as a cavity preventer. However, studies conducted even decades before have shown that fluoride is an extremely hazardous substance that should be completely avoided. These views or claims about fluoride are just too contradictory, both cannot be true. Fluoride has hidden dangers that not enough people know about and should be removed from the water supplies despite false reports that it is actually beneficial, and the practice of water fluoridation should be completely eliminated. First a little bit about fluoride needs to be known. These are the unarguable facts about fluoride. Fluoride is the…show more content…
"Naturally fluoridated areas preceded the field trials" since fluoride occurs naturally in some areas. (Oral) Communities with naturally occurring fluoride in water supplies were chosen for the trials, because results could be seen in these communities without so many years of testing. The studies showed that fluoride reduces dental caries to some extent depending on the amount of ingestion. These positive results lead to water fluoridation becoming a popular practice throughout civilized areas of the world. Putting a substance like fluoride in municipal water supplies is a good way to medicate many people at a time, since everybody drinking from the water supply would have a constant intake of fluoride. "The big advantage of water fluoridation is that it benefits all residents in a community regardless of age, socio-economic status, education or employment." (Kirshen) The number one purpose for water fluoridation is for the promotion of healthy and strong teeth. As it turns out fluoride doesn't even help with teeth, in fact it causes many problems with their formation. According to Dean Murphy DDS in his book The Devil’s Poison: "Fluorotic enamel is more porous and structurally weaker having a wear resistance that is commonly 40% to 60% of normal." (Murphy 57) This is because fluoride interferes with collagen producing enzymes leaving a "faulty matrix for minerals to accumulate and crystallize." (Murphy 57) All pro-fluoride advocates claim
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