Water Imagery Of Nawal El Saadawi 's Woman At Point Zero Essay

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Diving into the deeper meaning: Water imagery in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero
Water, specifically the ocean, is a highly important symbol in Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi. Through various forms of water, ranging from the vast ocean to a glass of water, El Saadawi explores power represented though water. Through water and green imagery, she examines the ideas of rebirth and female power, ultimately resulting in character evolution, depicted through water imagery symbolizing power and its transfer. While water imagery is representative of renewal and baptism throughout the novel, the water imagery is also used to represent power and depicts character evolution throughout the book, giving insight into how Firdaus changes throughout Woman at Point Zero. El Saadawi uses ocean imagery in contrast to smaller, confined bodies of water to work toward the reader’s understanding of the conflicting positions of power. Through this technique, there is a clear contrast between the different meanings conveyed by water throughout the text enhancing the original metaphor presented. Water and sea imagery is used to represent power within the novel. After escaping from her husband, Firdaus describes drowning in a sea of people, stating: “The street was an endless expanse stretched out before my eyes like a sea. I was just a pebble thrown into it, battered by the waves” (60). After a while, she gets tired and wants fresh water. Here, the different varieties of water, the

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