Water Importance On Water : The Properties Of Water

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Life on earth is abundant. But every organism on this planet is dependent on water, the most crucial substance needed to support life.
But, why is this molecule so necessary when it comes to keeping us and other living things alive. It just so happens that water has several physical and chemical properties like no other liquid, making it very special.
Three of these properties are water’s dissolving capabilities as a solvent, water’s heat capacity, and ice density. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These atoms are held together by a polar covalent bond in which both hydrogen atoms each share one electron with the oxygen atom. Because oxygen has a very high electronegativity value, it has the tendency to steer electrons away from the atom that they are connected to. So the oxygen atom, having more electronegativity than the hydrogen atoms, will pull the electrons towards it. This causes the shared electrons to actually spend more time with the oxygen atom than the hydrogen atoms. Because of this, the oxygen atom becomes slightly negatively charged while the hydrogen atoms become slightly positively charged. When group of water molecules are together the negatively charged oxygen atom of one water molecule will then be attracted to and bond with the positively charged hydrogen atoms of another water molecule. These bonds are called hydrogen bonds and they are responsible for most of water’s properties. For example, it is the

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