Water Is A Vital Resource For Human Development

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Water is a vital resource for human development; its natural mode of occurrence is governed by climatic, geomorphic and geologic characteristics of the land surface. Water resources is a major requirement and driver of socio-economic development. Economic sectors that water caters to include domestic, agriculture and fisheries, industry, recreation, municipality, including waste/effluent disposal, and water transportation. It also plays a prominent role in power and energy generation (Oyebande., 2004) . Urbanization, however, has increased the demand for alternative sources of potable water, which is utilized to supply society’s needs. Water is, in a sense, both artery and vein to the development of urban life (Spieker, 1973). The rate of urbanization in Africa has increased exponentially, at 3.9 percent per year, urban population growth rates in Africa have been and will continue to be the highest in the world (Vairavamoorthy, 2012). A projected increase in the size of the middle class, population and economy in towns and cities might lead to a demand for better governance and better services including more water services (World Bank, 2005). As water demand grows, urban towns are forced to rely on water sources that are farther from the city and more expensive to develop. The open surface water cannot be relied upon because of their high susceptibility to pollution and inadequate supply. In addition to being vulnerable to pollution, surface water sources are also
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