Water Is Convenient Environment For Microorganisms Growth

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Water is convenient environment for microorganisms growth, some are pathogenic and other non-pathogenic. Bioindicators are living organisms such as plants, planktons, animals, and microbes, which are utilized, to screen the health of the natural ecosystem in the environment (Trishala K. Parmar, Deepak Rawtani and Y. K. Agrawal, 2016). Bio indicator organisms are algae, fungi, bacteria, larval invertebrates, Cyanobacteria, macro invertebrates, and fish play a vital role in water quality evaluation. [Natalia Szczerbiñska and Ma³gorzata Ga³czyñska, 2015.] (Bacteria play a vital role as Bio indicator organisms) Previous studies indicate that water have many types of indicators; General (Process) indicator a group of organisms that…show more content…
Current research on water pathogens is focused on some pathogenic bacteria (bacterial pathogens). Waterborne pathogens and related diseases are a major public health concern worldwide, not only by the morbidity and mortality that they cause, but by the high cost that represents their prevention and treatment. These diseases are directly related to environmental (7, 2015) Proper assessment of pathogens on water and water quality monitoring are key factors for decision-making regarding water distribution systems’ infrastructure, the choice of best water treatment and prevention waterborne outbreaks. The World Health Organization [World Health Organization (WHO). Water Sanitation and Health. 2015. Available online: http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/diseases (assessed on 17 February 2015)., Pandey, P.K.; Kass, P.H.; Soupir, M.L.; Biswas, S.; Singh, V.P. Contamination of water resources by pathogenic bacteria. AMB Express 2014, 4, 51.] has reported that improving water quality can reduce the global disease burden by approximately 4%. Thus, there is an urgent need to undertake all possible efforts to reach this goal. if infection to the host is produced, depends on factors such as minimal infectious dose (MID), pathogenicity, host susceptibility and environmental

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