Water Is Essential For All Life Forms

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Water is essential for all life forms. There are many ways of treating, saving and recycling water. Recycled water is the converting of wastewater into usage quality. It is important to recycle water for environmental, economical, recreation and construction purposes. Water recycling is important for the environment in that it can reduce the amount of water pollution by getting rid of any chemicals or other unclean substances in water. This happens in wastewater treatment plants. It is important to have good quality water for daily usage. In homes, clean water must be provided to avoid health and safety issues. Water contaminants are substances that disturb the quality of water. Some examples are oil, dirt, insects, waste, harmful chemicals, water containing cleaning detergents, bacteria, algae and pesticides. The origin of these contaminants can be man-made or are natural. Chemicals, such as asbestos and oil originate from industries and factories that then contaminate the water supply. Dirt and insects come from the run-off of water which joins with rivers and streams. Cleaning detergents and pesticides are a few of the things man-made that may pollute the water supply.
Human activity affects water both negatively and positively. Human activity positively impacts water with the use of irrigation, catchment areas, canals and dams. All of these water management systems assist in the treating and storing of water. Human action affects water negatively through deforestation,
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