Water Is Essential For Any Plants

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In order for any plants to grow you need water. Water is essential for any and all life to be sustainable. Water itself is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. This happens through chemical processes in which two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom in order to fulfill a complete outer energy shell. When the process is completed water is formed. Water is found all around you. It 's in lakes, river, streams, oceans and even in canals. Water makes up 70% of the world. 2% of it is frozen at the poles in glaciers. Although it 's most of the world, not all of the water is drinkable. Roughly 3% of earth 's water is fresh water and drinkable. Through scientific research, a person can only go two days without drinking or consuming any water before they die. Water also keeps kidneys functioning and working properly. Photosynthesis is what plants use to create their food, and water is crucial to this process. Water comes through plant 's stems and travels up to its leaves, which is where photosynthesis actually takes place. Once in the leaves water evaporates, as the plant exchanges water for carbon dioxide. This glucose can be converted into pyruvate which releases adenosine triphosphate by cellular respiration. Sunlight is earth 's most valuable light source. Without the sun earth wouldn 't have plants and the earth 's temperature would be below zero in under a week. If the sun would miraculously go out, it would take eight and a half minutes to reach earth. Within nine
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