Water Is Essential For Everything

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Water is essential for everything. Water is what makes earth the only planet capable of sustaining life. Any civilization on earth needs a certain amount of water to sustain life. That is why drought is such a major concern. Drought and climate change have become well-known topics, especially in recent years. Water conservation and consumption are extremely important topics when discussing drought. Even more important is water consumption in the drought ridden states of southwestern United States. People need to understand what causes drought and what should be done to help lessen the effects of drought. Drought and water scarcity are causing children in developing countries to become fatally dehydrated; are we willing to let it get this far right here in the United States? Firstly, to understand why drought is such a major concern, one must understand drought. Living in Texas my entire life has given me an exceptionally thorough understanding of what drought is. However, one might not completely comprehend drought and its effects if they did not experience it through their entire life. According to Hansen, drought is measured by the impact it has on the environment. The four types of drought commonly used are meteorological, agricultural, hydrological, and socioeconomic. Meteorological can be defined by a time frame of significantly diminished precipitation. Agricultural drought is the identification of the lack of moisture content in the soil. Hydrological drought refers
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