Water Is The Most Essential Substance On Earth

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Water is the most essential substance on earth. All plants and creatures must have water to survive . without water life on earth will not exist. Water can be used in unlimited aspects of life , such as cooking , washing and irrigating plans and trees.A lot of global problems are water issues related , ranging from protecting clean water to water and climate change .moreover , There is a huge loss of water in developing countries due to the hurdles that these countries face in extracting aquifer water and the inefficiency of the current agricultural system .In addition , to the polluted water resources which develop an increasing numbers of infected people by several dangerous diseases .

One of the main water issues is the lack of
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Despite India’s wide spread water shortage, only 17 of 28 states have adopted any serious legislation regarding groundwater management.The Indian government tries to regulate the extraction of groundwater , but the problem is not the lack of legislation but the inability to control private drilling (Ramachandran 4).

In order to dwell over this problem multiple solutions can be applied .Firstly, desalination of sea salt water ,which is :“ the removal of salts and minerals from sea water to make it fit for drinking or for industrial use ”(Hunashikatti et al.2).

Moreover , developing country should follow a specific irrigation system to save and not waste water .there are several effective systems such as irrigation by foot which is a device you can pump with your feet that pulls water from 30 feet underground with enough pressure to irrigate up to two acres of land. This enables more frequent harvests of high-value crops like vegetables rather than grains. In Africa, more than 65,000 such pumps are currently in use (rowan). Secondly , for people who lack clean water, a bit of chlorine could go a long way toward providing it. Using two ounces of salt water and some muscle.professor Craig University of Iowa engineering can enough bleach to kill the
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