Water Is The Most Precious Resource This Planet Has To

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Water is the most precious resource this planet has to offer. A one of a kind substance, water is a resource that sustains all life on this planet. Yet, humanity supports an industry that uses water inefficiently and irresponsibly, one that takes more 42% humanity’s accessible fresh water and wastes it. Unless we take the proper initiative, our world’s water supplies will slowly deplete, leaving earth in an eternal drought, which could potentially cause an end to the human race. Agriculture is an industry that will cause water scarcity to erupt throughout the world if not changed from its irresponsible methods. As the world’s largest industry, agriculture uses 70% of our accessible remaining freshwater. In other words, the amount of water…show more content…
Similarly, even when the water does make it to the irrigation systems, much of it is also wasted due to lazy field application methods. Sprinkler systems are installed to make work easier, but the amount of water it spews out is not necessary, but farmers refuse to uninstall the systems because it brings maximized growth to crops and thus increasing the amount of harvest. One may think that agricultural water transportation isn’t as defective as it may seem, as some of the water will drip down into the underground aquifers, but what one doesn’t know is that the water also drags dangerous agrichemicals with it. More specifically, pesticides and insecticides can pollute the water in the underground aquifers, making the water non-potable and thus furthering water scarcity. A huge majority of water used in the agricultural industry is wasted; a predicted 60%, but on the other hand, the one may argue that through all these troubles, the food that is grown does go to use. This, however, is wrong, because even when our food is grown or raised through the unnecessary, maximized water, huge quantities of the food is wasted every single day.

Humanity has carelessly managed food production, thus wasting the massive quantities of water that are used to grow crops and raise animals. First of all, the cultivation of thirsty, exotic plants that are from exotic regions, thus needing higher quantities of water to make
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