Water Is The Precious Resource On Earth

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Introduction/Thesis Water is without a doubt the most precious resource on Earth; it is not only essential to the survival of our planet, but it is also essential to the survival of human beings and animals. As humans, we need access to clean water for several reasons, including physical, environmental, and industrial conditions. However, the most crucial aspect of clean water is our survival. Sixty percent of the human adult body consists of water, and it is vital in order for our bodies to function properly (The USGS Water Science School, 2016). A body can survive up to a month without food, but without water it can only survive about one week (All About Water, 2004). Unfortunately, water is a scarce resource, and there are about 1.1 billion people around the world without access to clean drinking water (World Water Council, 2016). As a result, we have declared a global water crisis and initiated a change to allow access to every human being on Earth. All around the globe people are striving to find ways to mend the global water crisis, but as the population rapidly increases, it becomes a problematic task. The following analyzation of the global water crisis will explain facts on the importance of clean water, the lack of access to water, diseases and environmental issues associated with unclean water and water shortages, and what we are doing to fix the global shortage of sanitary water around the world. Why Do We Need Water? There are numerous reasons as to why we
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