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The performance of the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room has been significantly improved by Walter Long’s method of highly motivating his workers. The recommendations laid out in the Process Engineer Proposal (PEP) will damage both the workers’ morale and Mr. Long’s current success in the NTAR. In order to successfully start the LDTC and maintain the improved performance of the NTAR, I recommend the PEP be rejected and your company create a new proposal that (1) limits Harold Singer’s interaction with the NTAR employees; (2) has no fixed-station assignment; (3) has no process specifications; and (4) combines testing with operation.
NTAR Analysis
Before Mr. Long assumed his managerial role, the NTAR had a reputation of its employees being
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Further, the employees shared accountabilities of the line. These employees demonstrate that each individual task is important and relevant to the success of the branch as a whole, thereby empowering each individual to perform at the highest level and benefit from the overall result.
Workers chose jobs that were most suitable for their skillset and simultaneously satisfied the preferences and needs of the department. The room applied flexible scheduling and Mr. Long decentralized decision making so that workers were free to choose how and when to do their tasks. There were no supervisors in the room. Workers’ performances did not vary when the managers appeared or not. They experienced responsibility for outcomes of their work.
Mr. Long utilized employee evaluation sheets to give periodic reviews to his workers. He was always careful and insistent that workers were given credit for everything they did. There exists a mutual respect and trust between Mr. Long and workers so that workers never hide their mistakes from him. It was the credits and rewards, rather than Mr. Long himself, that drove workers to get more done or advance their knowledge and skills.
In total, all the core job dimensions led to both personal and corporate victories. The group enjoyed high levels of job fulfillment and satisfaction with labor. They had high internal work motivation, high-quality work performance and low absenteeism and turnover. These positives

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