Water Parks Research Paper

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Water parks are the best! This was the day that I went to one. I stepped out of the car and it was an amazing sight. There were so many slides to choose to go on. There were toilet bowls, slides that go up walls and you go back down backwards, and some of them even went straight down! The people that were on them looked like they were having a lot of fun. We walked in and I saw all of the food and drinks that all of the people had. There were hot dogs, pizza, funnel cakes, elephant ears, and nachos that all smelled so good. You could smell the ketchup and mustard on the hot dogs, the sausage on the pizza, the powdered sugar on the funnel cakes and elephant ears, and the cheese on the nachos. We went to the wave pool and you could smell the chlorine in it.…show more content…
So we got our tubes and walked up the stairs, while we did that I could hear screaming from the people that were going down the slides. Finally, when it was my turn to go I went down and I heard the tube smack against the water and it echoed through the whole slide until I hit the open and was in the toilet bowl. I could hear my parents cheering me on from the ground. After the lifeguard pushed me down the exit to go into the pool I smacked into the water and went under, it sounded really weird. After the toilet bowl I wanted to go to the slide that went up a wall and you came down backwards called the slingshot. I walked up the stairs and I could feel the water drops hitting my head. The stairs were very rough and you have to walk up 6 flight of them. We got to the top and it was my turn to go down the slide. When I stepped in the slide I felt the cold water on my
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