Water Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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You see a sewer or pipe line dumping wastewater or sewage into a river, lake, or ocean. Ask yourself this question: would you drink from that water source? You see a sea otter or a seal swimming in water that has been contaminated by oil from an oil spill. Ask yourself another question: would you live in these waters? You see what you know as acid rain directly pounding onto a stream, lake or river. Ask yourself a final question would you eat the vegetation or the fish that directly come into contact with this polluted version of nature’s shower? If your answer is “no” to all three of these questions, I ask you, what makes you think our furry friends and aquatic creatures would want to either. As humans, most of us have choices to stay away from these contaminated waters. We have the option to choose not to drink contaminated water or eat contaminated foods. However for the animals who live in aquatic ecosystems affected by water pollution, their options are limited; some animals don’t even have a choice. Oil, nutrient pollution, and acid rain are just a few of the pollutants that can severely damage or destroy an aquatic ecosystem. It is here where you will learn general knowledge about oil, nutrient pollution, and acid rain as well as the geographical locations of the pollutants and how that they negatively affected or currently affect an aquatic ecosystem. Knowing the Vocabulary In order to understand how these pollutants affect an aquatic ecosystem and its creatures,
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