Water Pollution And The Biggest Environmental Issues Today

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Water pollution as we know it is something that we are all the concern about. Not everyone is aware of what is in our environmental waters, not only many people do not know, but they do not know what causes the pollution and what is in it. Why is water pollution one of the biggest environmental issues today? Today many people don’t think twice about how we use the water or how much garbage we put in it. Which take us to our issues today. One, water shortage in many places, as well health risks that may be caused due to the fact what we have done to our water around us and as well around the world. Is water shortage have to do anything with water pollution? How can we help prevent water pollution and the shortage of water across the world? The water we drink, takes a toll in how it’s used. We use it to wash our teeth, shower, bathe, clean our fruits, vegetables, meets the list goes on. What would happened if our water is polluted when we use it to clean or drink? The result of it can be dangerous depending in how the water is contaminated. The water not only is affected but I can also impact our food as well. In some areas, for example in China, they are thinking that the water pollution has a negative effect on mental and physical health. China’s negative effects are a major source of morbidity (a term used to describe how often a disease occurs) and mortality. This effect is much bigger in lower poverty place within the place in China. Some of the damages in the water it
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