Water Pollution Essay

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Factories were created to have a bigger work force in one place rather than use the Putting out system. Originally located next to streams, factories started using coal to power the factories instead of water power as it would produce more products faster. Coal was used because of its reliability to power the factories. The overuse of coal caused widespread pollution across countries. As the industrial revolution progressed, other methods to power machines were introduced. Some countries decided to stick with coal powered as they did not want to spend money on the new methods to power the machines. As a result, the pollution increased and countries started to suffer from the bad air quality. China’s factories did not switch to cleaner methods and the pollution increased all over china. China has over 2 million across the country, but the majority of the factories run on the same resource. Coal, since coal is powering the majority of the factories, the harmful toxins released in the air has caused widespread pollution throughout china’s towns. The pollution impacted china the most in 2013. “A cloud of smog had collected above the town of Beijing.” (Beam __) The pollution in china is not just from the factories. Some is from the production of electricity which comes from coal and nuclear power plants. The chemicals and smoke from the power plants have polluted the environment and contaminated the water. “But it was also left many people with
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