Water Pollution Essay

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We do not realize how big our human footprint is when it comes to water pollution and depletion. Often, we get to the point where it is too late to fix the problem at hand or our genius intelligence kicks in just in time. The film "Water" hosted by Dr. M. Sanjayan and the article "To The Last Drop" by Laura Parker, help point out exactly what we have done as humans to contribute to the destruction and saving of our number one survival source, water. Water pollution is a big issue in our country and our world. Humans would not survive without water so why is it that we contribute so profoundly to water pollution? In class, we learned about runoff and how the soil we use to farm our crops we eat, often run off into the rivers nearby, causing pollution. The fertilizers are high in nitrate which impairs our ability to transport oxygen, but during crop yielding, this is the last thing on our mind. We survive off water, but we also need food, creating this issue difficult to prevent. This relates slightly to how the citizens around Lake Malawi felt. Lake Malawi is a pollution filled dead zone that is high in Bilharzia, a parasite that is known for burrowing itself into human flesh. This parasite takes home to your liver and damages other organs while inviting blood into your urine. It gives way to the likely hood of the diseased to contract an even more deadly disease, HIV. How did Bilharzia become so affluent you may ask? A university professor named Jay Stauffer wondered the same thing and found the answer after devoting much of his time to studying cichlids. He noticed that the parasite habitats along the shoreline inside freshwater snails. These snails are the central appetite of the placadon fish, but the placadon fish is also the primary source of the citizen's stomach. Stauffer made his discovery aware to the community, but at the end of the day, they would rather risk contracting a disease six months down the road than going to bed hungry. Here is an example of one man that had a solution to fixing pollution, but he is not the only one who has taken it upon himself to help the community around him. Yacouba Sawadago, one man from the Village of Gourga and the East African Samburu Warriors, used intellect

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