Water Pollution

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Our planet is composed of 70% water and 30% of land. Our body is also composed of 2/3 of water. In other words life without water is INPOSIBLE.Imagine what would happen if amount of water in nature would be drastically reduced? I believe we all know the answer and the consequences. The entire flora, fauna and the entire human being will die slowly. Now a day, we have a lot of amount of water in our planet but that is a big paradox because a big part from that water is polluted. Basically living the life without water or with polluted water is the same. Just for example if we have a glass full of water, and if someone put poison in that glass what would happen? The answer is completely the same but in this case the poison was added into…show more content…
This source also included sewage from the toilets or housekeeping which is also known as Foul sewage. Agriculture includes farming which is origin of many organic and inorganic pollutants in the water. Third and the last is the industrial source, which is the most dangerous now a days. Today we have big technological development for which is needed technical water, and with that rang of the water pollution is increasing. Today we all confront with the term, known as global warming. It influences not just to us but also to whole aquatic life. It influences not much as form of pollution to the water but in form of “killing” aquatic organisms. This global warming first attack the coral bleaching, and then indirectly according to that, all organisms start to die slowly. People also are included in this process, because they increase the temperature in the atmosphere throw bearing the gasses, including the carbon dioxide. As we see before not just climate changes and natural catastrophes pollute our “life”-water, but also people play big role in it. One of the biggest problems, which can be stopped only with human conscience, is throwing the plastic. This is big problem because plastic need long time, so can decompose in the water.
Water pollution is one of the biggest global problems. Today on the earth we have approximately 1.5 billion people who live saving the water and 5 million people

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