Water Pollution

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“Without water, life would not exist.” This is a quote taken from Water.org. However, it needs a little clarification, Without clean water, life will not exist for long. There are many countries today that do not have access to clean water. This necessity we the people of the United States of America take for granted is not a normal occurrence in every country. With this paper we will look at five different countries with the most polluted water in the world. We will see what is being done to help reduce the water pollution and how the water pollution is effecting the economy is these countries. The first country on the list is China. More specifically Linfen, China. In 2007 Linfen was dubbed by Time Magazine the most polluted city in the world. The air was so dirty from all the coal mining that it would turn the laundry drying on the line black from all of the coal dust. The residents literally choke at night dues to the coal dust. Every resident over 60 dies from lung disease. (Schmitt) It is also estimated that over half of Linfen's well water is considered unsafe to drink. (motherboard) Clean water is a necessity for a thriving economy. Much of the pollution in Linfen is found in the smog that is in the air, however, it is in the water as well. To live in Linfen and know that if you live to 60 you will probably die from lung disease soon after. Although, Linfen is trying to improve their lifestyle with recycling and trash cleanup they simply will not stop the coal mining business. Which in all fairness is understandable since coal mining is the heartbeat of the economy for Linfen. However, there should be more research into purifying their water and lowering the coal dust, but all in all things are looking up for Linfen. The residents are optimistic that they can reduce the pollution and they can have a thriving economy too. The next place we look at is Haina, Dominican Republic. Haina has a problem with battery recycling and smelting which has resulted in huge concentration of lead being pumped into their water. (science/nature) Lead poisoning is a huge problem. Unlike some poisons that may wears off a little with time lead stays in the body and builds up until eventually the person drops dead.

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