Water Pollution In Guatemala

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Undoubtedly, water is the prime resource located on Earth, making our planet unique and unlike any other in the known universe. Water is essential to all forms of life found on Earth, but up until recently there had not been the need to address issues regarding its use and availability to humans. Now that it is becoming of concern, new methods of preserving and finding fresh water sources are being implemented worldwide in order to sustain the complex lives we lead. Guatemala, among other countries, is having difficulties retaining the most precious resource and is concerned on the global water crisis. Guatemala has an abundant amount of freshwater coming primarily from eighteen major rivers that originate in the volcanic prominences. With a wet climate and plethora of resources, there is enough water to meet demands, but there is poor management of the development and maintenance of the water supply. The stress caused by this crisis can be attributed to the fact that the regions with densely populated peoples is where water…show more content…
These surface water sources make the provisions for roughly seventy percent of the water supply in urban areas (the rest coming from groundwater), while providing upwards of ninety percent in rural areas. Although having abundant sources of water, Guatemala still experiences an unequal distribution of these reservoirs as well as pollution. Pollution is a much more significant problem than the logistics of the water resources. Water near and downstream of heavily populated areas is contaminated by agricultural runoff and domestic wastewater. Guatemala does have the technology and access to several wastewater treatment plants, but are currently non-functioning. Resulting from this is surface water that is full of sewage and of no use to the water supply, especially of those in populated
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