Water Pollution In The Movie : Poisoned Water

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Poisoned Waters, the movie, touches upon many important things that are brought up when there is water pollution. In the movie, at the beginning, it shows how often many people are affected by the pollution. Many people lose their jobs due to the pollution not allowing them to fish for the amount of fish, oysters, or crabs that were available a mere 10 years ago. Billions of dollars are easily lost due to this decrease in production within the industry. The bay that was shown during the movie, Chesapeake Bay, is one of the largest estuaries in the United States. This bay is very susceptible to becoming a dead zone due to all the nitrogen and phosphorus is being brought into the bay from farming. A dead zone does not allow or oxygen to be produced due to all the algae that are present, and once an animal is in a trapped within a dead zone, it is only a matter of time. But this isn’t just a problem here in the United States, this is a problem that is happening all over the world. This issue presented further affects the economy on a local scale but on a global scale.
Apart from the Chesapeake Bay not being a source for as much food as it was previously, the estuary is also not as grandiose as it used to be. This brings down tourism which will affect the amount of money that is being brought into the surrounding cities. And all of the resources it provides as a place for people to swim, to catch food, to enjoy, etc., could be lost if we don’t do anything to try to make a

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